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Full-stack developer

I'm a full-stack PHP developer with some C++ and Java SE background. x86 assembly doesn't scare me. Old school classic ASP and VBScript is not fun, but I have experience with it. C# is cool enough - I'm .NET newbie, but I noticed it's good for some parts of my past projects. Creative back-end web development is my main professional activity. Connecting vary software components into one synergetic system is the way of my work. It's a mixture of PHP code and C/C++/Java/C# code if necessary. Maybe something more - I'm open for new technologies and tools. Usually back-end should be associated with a front-end layer, so JavaScript, HTML/CSS and GIMP are my next weapons, but I prefer to be hidden behind server firewall. I'm not a web designer. If I have to do something at front-end side, I prefer coding in JavaScript only. Something about data layer. PostgreSQL is my favourite RDBMS. Currently I use MariaDB and PostgreSQL. Some time ago I used Firebird also. If I need to cache, I use Redis or Memcached.

  • Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, Java SE, C#, x86 assembly, Visual Basic/VBA, Object Pascal
  • SQL and pl/SQL dialects: PostgreSQL, Firebird, MySQL
  • Web servers: Nginx (OpenResty), Apache
  • OS: Ubuntu, Debian, OS X
  • Web development: PHP 5.6, JavaScript, Zend Framework, Phalcon 2, Symfony 2, Smarty 2/3, Twig, jQuery 1/2, jQueryUI, AngularJS 1.4, Bootstrap 3, Sass, GulpJS, Classic ASP, Vert.x 2

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