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Something about me - coder, part-time PostgreSQL evangelist, professional SQL Server hater, Linux & Mac user, amateur draftsman & painter, synthwave/trance/ambient/house/techno fan, freethinker, BMW driver, cyclist, INTJ-T 8w7 Challenger/Enthusiast-Maverick Honkler, INTJoker, father of INFP-T daughter, wannabe freemason, free electron, mastermind, mechanical owl, mechatronic eagle, Clown World Traveler, Fascist Fellow Traveler (fascism level: 45%), pissed off Slav (DNA test results: East European 93.7%, Scandinavian 6.3%), lover of black cats and owls, Brotherhood of Steel soldier...

"I do not expect the technique to have been perfected, but you may have some sketch, some skeleton, some principle that you can use as guidance. Imperfectly, perhaps, but better than mere guesswork." Eto Demerzel
Some of my paintings

More in gallery...

"Time to meet the devil."
"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star." Friedrich Nietzsche

Clown World is FASCInating! Honk yeah!

INTJ & INFP brave team! ;-)

INTJ & INFP in 4 minutes

Shut up, take your honk pill, drink with your favourite Monster and be like a fucking Boomer, my bro!

Drink your beer my dear Doomer. Bus to the future is waiting for us...

My daughter is driving

FASCInating! Honk honk!

Welcome to real life, Mr. Chan.

Recursive games in the Clown World

Nature in the Clown World

Chains of supply in the Clown World

Rainbows in the Clown World

Gates in the Clown World

Crystals in the Clown World

Fun in the Clown World

Honklers in the Clown World

Poverty in the Clown World

Sociopaths in the Clown World

Hipsters in the Clown World

Art and engineering in the Clown World

Yet another day in the Clown World

Consume & buy more


It is good day to die. Ha ha!

Storm is coming...

Anti-leftist engineering... Ha ha ha!!!

Pyrkon 2019

Old times in Mordor


Golden autumn in Poland

Night excursions - dark side of the Force

More "fajnizm"... :-) Don't worry, be "fajny"!

Even "kutz" can into "fajnizm" and cool "śmieszkizm"...

It's OK to be white "fajnist"! :-* ESFP shadow mode activated!

Warning! Extreme, pure, hardcore, hyper "fajnizm" strikes back! Think different you fool!

As you expected, even more "fajnizm"!

System upgrade - Se development in progress... B-)

On the route

"Roweryzm - zjebizm"

Old meets new...

Borland DelphiBorland DelphiBorland Delphi

Code! Code everywhere! ;-)


Let's the C++ code to compile better: make -j16 CXXFLAGS="-O3 -march=native -ffast-math -ftree-vectorize"

More computing power needed for some testing and work...

ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREMEASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREMEWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkstationWorkplaceBlue elephantBlue elephantBlue elephantBlue elephant

Fuck! We need more RAM! 64 GB should be fine for cool tmpfs cache RAM drive.


Not only software - hardware is cool also.


My old mechanical projects - hand drawn without any CAD software

Mechanical designMechanical design

Night, empty streets, good music - sometimes it's all you need to be happy...


Just listen it...

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